Dedicated Server

Technology / Email / Dedicated Server: An email server used by only one sender. A dedicated server often costs more to use because the expense can't be spread among many users, but it performs better than a shared server. Email usually goes out faster, the server is more secure, and you eliminate the possibility that another sender could get the server blacklisted for spamming.

Shared Server

Technology / Email / Shared Server: An email server used by more than one company or sender. Shared servers are less expensive to use because the broadcast vendor can spread the cost over more users. However, senders sharing a server ri MORE


Technology / Computers / Server: This is a mainframe computer that serves the other computers attached to it. MORE

Virtual Server

Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Virtual Server: A server which allows multiple top level domains to be hosted from a single computer. Using a virtual server can save money for smaller applications, but dedicated hosting should be used for large com MORE