Definable Reply-To Address

Technology / Email / Definable Reply-To Address: When you send an email and the recipient clicks 'reply,' normally the email address that the message was sent from will automatically be used. This feature allows you to specify an address other than the one the email was sent from for replies to be sent to.

Other Words for Address

Address Noun Synonyms: speech, talk, discourse, oration, lecture, sermon
Address Verb Synonyms: speak or talk to, deliver or give a speech to, lecture

Media Access Control (MAC) Address

Technology / Computers / Media Access Control (MAC) Address: In networking, MAC Address refers to the globally unique hardware address of an Ethernet network interface card. MORE

Logical Block Addressing (LBA)

Technology / Computers / Logical Block Addressing (LBA): In a system using an enhanced BIOS and Operating System that supports the use of LBA, it would then be possible for the computer to use a larger hard drive. LBA allows for use of a unique sector numbe MORE

IP Address

Technology / Email / IP Address: A unique number assigned to each device connected to the Internet. An IP address can be dynamic, meaning it changes each time an email message or campaign goes out, or it can be static, meaning it doe MORE

Memory Address

Technology / Computers / Memory Address: This refers to the actual location of physical memory. These unique identifiers are assigned at the systems boot process and are used to keep track of CPU and device information for later retrieval. T MORE


Technology / Email / Reply-To: The email address that receives messages sent from users who click 'reply' in their email clients. Can differ from the 'from' address which can be an automated or unmonitored email address used only t MORE

Undefinable Flavor

Life Style / Coffee / Undefinable Flavor: A coffee with an 'off' taste that can not be categorized. MORE