Denial-Of-Service Attack (DOS)

Technology / Email / Denial-Of-Service Attack (DOS): An organized effort to disrupt email or Web service by sending more messages or traffic than a server can handle, shutting it down until the messages stop.

Other Words for Attack

Attack Verb Synonyms: assail, assault, fall or set or pounce upon, charge, rush, raid, strike (at), storm, engage (in battle), fight, mug, jump
Attack Noun Synonyms: assault, onset, offensive, onslaught, incursion, raid, strike, inroad, invasion

Electronic Attack (EA)

Technology / Radar / Electronic Attack (EA): Electronic attack (ea), previously known as electronic counter measures (ecm), is conducted on radar systems to reduce or prevent the radar’s use of the electromagnetic spectrum. MORE

Disc Operating System (DOS)

Technology / Computers / Disc Operating System (DOS): This is a command line operating system that was created by Bill Gates while he was working for IBM. The Windows operating systems are designed to run on top of the DOS system. It is more commonly ref MORE

Extra Attacker

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Extra Attacker: A player who has been substituted for the team's goaltender on the ice. MORE

Membrane-Attack Complex (MAC)

Science / Biology / Membrane-Attack Complex (MAC): A large cylindrical multiprotein complex formed by the complement system; kills invading microorganisms by embedding in their plasma membrane, creating a pore through which fiuid fiows, ultimately cau MORE

Sixth Attacker

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Sixth Attacker: This is the extra skater who comes on the ice after the goalie has been pulled. MORE

Panic Attacks

Science / Psychiatry / Panic Attacks: acute, episodic attacks of extreme anxiety MORE