Dictionary Attack

Technology / Email / Dictionary Attack: A type of spam program that bombards a mail server with millions of alphabetically generated email addresses in the hope that some addresses will be guessed correctly.

Other Words for Attack

Attack Verb Synonyms: assail, assault, fall or set or pounce upon, charge, rush, raid, strike (at), storm, engage (in battle), fight, mug, jump
Attack Noun Synonyms: assault, onset, offensive, onslaught, incursion, raid, strike, inroad, invasion

Other Words for Dictionary

Dictionary Noun Synonyms: lexicon, glossary, wordbook, thesaurus

Historical Dictionary

Entertainment / Literature / Historical Dictionary: A dictionary that traces the changes in a word's meaning by listing its entries chronologically and providing quotations using the word in that particular sense as illustrative examples. The Oxford En MORE

Extra Attacker

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Extra Attacker: A player who has been substituted for the team's goaltender on the ice. MORE

Membrane-Attack Complex (MAC)

Science / Biology / Membrane-Attack Complex (MAC): A large cylindrical multiprotein complex formed by the complement system; kills invading microorganisms by embedding in their plasma membrane, creating a pore through which fiuid fiows, ultimately cau MORE

Oxford English Dictionary

Entertainment / Literature / Oxford English Dictionary: This fat, twelve+ volume work functions as an historical dictionary of English. It is generally considered the most authoritative and scholarly dictionary of English available--with nearly 300,000 wor MORE

Sixth Attacker

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Sixth Attacker: This is the extra skater who comes on the ice after the goalie has been pulled. MORE

Panic Attacks

Science / Psychiatry / Panic Attacks: acute, episodic attacks of extreme anxiety MORE