Technology / Email / Digest: A shortened version of an email newsletter which replaces full-length articles with clickable links to the full article at a Web site, often with a brief summary of the contents.

Other Words for Digest

Digest Noun Synonyms: assimilate
Digest Verb Synonyms: bear, stand, endure, survive, assimilate, accept, tolerate, brook, swallow, stomach

Intracellular Digestion

Science / Biology / Intracellular Digestion: A form of digestion in which food is taken into cells by phagocytosis; found in sponges and most protozoa and coelenterates. MORE

Digestive System

Science / Biology / Digestive System: One of eleven major body organ systems in animals; converts food from the external environment into nutrient molecules that can be used and stored by the body and eliminates solid wastes; involves fiv MORE

Extracellular Digestion

Science / Biology / Extracellular Digestion: A form of digestion found in annelids, crustaceans, and chordates including vertebrates; takes place within the lumen of the digestive system, and the resulting nutrient molecules are transferred into MORE


Science / Biology / Digestion: The process of breaking down food into its molecular and chemical components so that these nutrient molecules can cross plasma membranes. MORE

Undigested Securities

Business / Finance / Undigested Securities: A purchase and sale. MORE

Period Of Digestion

Business / Finance / Period Of Digestion: The time period of often high volatility after a new issue is released when the trading price of the security is established by the market. MORE