Technology / Email / ESP: An Email Service Provider is a company that sends and manages email campaigns for other companies as a hosted service.

Differential Response

Life Style / Adoption / Differential Response: An area of CPS reform that offers greater flexibility in responding to allegations of abuse and neglect. Also referred to as 'dual track' or 'multi-track' response, it permits CPS agencies to respond MORE

Conditioned Response

Science / Biology / Conditioned Response: The response to a stimulus that occurs when an animal has learned to associate the stimulus with a certain positive or negative effect. MORE


Technology / Email / Autoresponder: Automated email message-sending capability, such as a welcome message sent to all new subscribers the minute they join a list. May be triggered by joins, unsubscribes, all email sent to a particular m MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Photorespiration: Enhanced respiration of plants in the light relative to dark respiration MORE

Response Analysis

Science / Tides and Currents / Response Analysis: For any linear system, an input function Xi(t) and an output function X0(t) can be related according to the formula: X0(t) = oi4xi (t – J)W(J)dj + noise(t), where W(J) is the impulse response of the MORE

Socially Responsible Fund

Business / Taxes / Socially Responsible Fund: When socially responsible mutual funds, also known as green funds or conscience funds, select securities to meet their investment goals, the securities must also satisfy the fund's commitment to certa MORE