Email Address

Technology / Email / Email Address: The combination of a unique user name and a sender domain ( The email address requires both the user name and the domain name.

Other Words for Address

Address Verb Synonyms: speak or talk to, deliver or give a speech to, lecture
Address Noun Synonyms: speech, talk, discourse, oration, lecture, sermon

Email Append

Technology / Email / Email Append: Process that adds email addresses to postal files by merging files to match the postal address against email information in other files. MORE

Spam-Trap Address

Technology / Email / Spam-Trap Address: An email address that is set up specifically to catch people who are harvesting addresses or using directory attacks to send unsolicited email. Used by Brightmail, ISPs and many in the anti-spam commu MORE

Email Domain

Technology / Email / Email Domain: Aka Domain. The portion of the email address to the right of the @ sign. Useful as an email address hygiene tool (e.g. identify all records where the consumer entered 'name@aol' as their email address MORE

Email Harvesting

Technology / Email / Email Harvesting: An automated process in which a robot program searches Web pages or other Internet destinations for email addresses. The program collects the address into a database, which frequently gets resold to s MORE

Email Friendly Name

Technology / Email / Email Friendly Name: The portion of the email address that is displayed in most, though not all, email readers in place of, or in addition to, the email address. MORE

Email Address Finder

Technology / Email / Email Address Finder: Service that allows you to search for other people's email addresses by entering their name, address, etc. MORE