Email Delivery Rates

Technology / Email / Email Delivery Rates: The percentage of email that gets delivered as intended; compiled from seedlist-based monitoring services and SMTP log files.

Other Words for Delivery

Delivery Verb Synonyms: distribution, delivering, deliverance, conveyance, transportation, transport
Delivery Noun Synonyms: liberation, release, deliverance, emancipation

Integrated Delivery System (IDS)

Health / Health Insurance / Integrated Delivery System (IDS): A provider organization that is fully integrated operationally and clinically to provide a full range of healthcare services, including physician services, hospital services, and ancillary services. MORE

Html Email

Business / Internet Marketing / Html Email: Email that is formatted using Hypertext Markup Language, as opposed to plain text email. MORE

Growth Rates

Business / Finance / Growth Rates: A phase of development during which a company experiences rapid earnings growth as it produces new products and expands market share. MORE

Interdelivery Spread

Business / Finance / Interdelivery Spread: Transaction carried out between two units of the same corporation. MORE

Ip Delivery

Business / Internet Marketing / Ip Delivery: To deliver content based on the IP address of the computer requesting the URL. Sometimes used to tailor content to different user groups. MORE

Making Delivery

Business / Finance / Making Delivery: Refers to the seller's actually turning over to the buyer the assets agreed upon in a forward contract. MORE