Email Friendly Name

Technology / Email / Email Friendly Name: The portion of the email address that is displayed in most, though not all, email readers in place of, or in addition to, the email address.

Other Words for Friendly

Friendly Noun Synonyms: amicable, congenial, sociable, companionable, comradely, convivial, familiar, well-disposed, close, on good terms, simpatico, comfortable, at home, neighbourly, clubby, fraternal, brotherly, sisterly, chummy, pally, thick, matey, palsy-wals

Other Words for Name

Name Noun Synonyms: personage, somebody, celebrity, star, superstar, hero, VIP, dignitary, luminary, big shot, bigwig, big cheese, big name
Name Adjective Synonyms: designation, label, appellation, term, tag, style, moniker or monicker, handle


Technology / Motors / Nameplate: The plate on the outside of the motor describing the motor, HP, voltage, RPM's, efficiency, design, enclosure, etc. MORE

Named Perils Policy

Business / Taxes / Named Perils Policy: A named perils policy is a standard homeowners insurance policy that offers limited protection for damage from fire and theft and other hazards specified in the policy. MORE

Nominee Name

Business / Taxes / Nominee Name: Nominee name is the name that a brokerage firm uses to register ownership of stocks or bonds it holds for investors. Holding stock in a single generic name, sometimes known as street name, makes it ea MORE

Not A Name With Us

Business / Finance / Not A Name With Us: Refers to over-the-counter trading. Not a registered market maker in the security, especially in OTC and convertibles, or having nothing real to do. MORE

Opt-In Email

Business / Internet Marketing / Opt-In Email: Email that is explicitly requested by the recipient. MORE

Nth Name

Technology / Email / Nth Name: The act of segmenting a list for a test in which names are pulled from the main list for the test cell by number -- such as every 5th name on the list. See also a/b split. MORE