Technology / Email / Filters: Filters automatically move incoming emails into separate folders according to criteria that you specify. These criteria may be based on who the email is from, the priority, the subject, the main message, etc. This is a useful feature if you have a lot of incoming emails that need some way of being automatically organized.

Color Balancing Filters

Entertainment / Photography / Color Balancing Filters: Filters used to balance color film with the color temperature of the light source and prevent the formation of color casts. MORE

Band-Limiting Filters

Technology / Home Audio / Band-Limiting Filters: A low-pass and a high-pass filter in series, acting together to restrict (limit) the overall bandwidth of a system. Many audio amplifiers and processors, having switches labeled as 'Rumble' or 'Hiss,' MORE

Tri-Color Filters

Entertainment / Photography / Tri-Color Filters: Filters in deep primarily colors used to expose color prints by the additive method. MORE