Technology / Email / Footer: An area at the end of an email message or newsletter that contains information that doesn't change from one edition to the next, such as contact information, the company's postal address or the email address the recipient used to subscribe to mailings. Some software programs can be set to place this information automatically.

Footer, Footing

Business / Construction / Footer, Footing: Continuous 8' or 10' thick concrete pad installed before and supports the foundation wall or monopost. MORE


Technology / Email / Signature: A line or two of information found in the closing of an email, usually followed the sender's name. Signatures can include advertising information, such as a company name, product, brand message or mar MORE


Business / Construction / Rebar: Reinforcing bar-Ribbed steel bars installed in foundation concrete walls, footers, and poured in place concrete structures designed to strengthen concrete. Comes in various thickness' and strength gra MORE