Technology / Email / Forwards: This feature indicates that the provider in question can also automatically forward incoming emails to another email account.


Entertainment / Bowling / Break: (1) A lucky shot (2) used to indicate that a string of strikes was stopped (3) used when stating that a ball has been thrown that travels in an path with an arc. MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Sniper: A player with a powerful, accurate shot skilled at finishing plays. Snipers frequently score more goals than assists. Snipers can be either forwards or defensemen. MORE


Technology / Email / Forward: The process in which email recipients send your message to people they know, either because they think their friends will be interested in your message or because you offer incentives to forward messa MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Forecheck: To check or harass an opponent who has the puck in his defensive zone and keep the opponents in their end of the rink while trying to regain control of the puck; usually done by the forwards. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Line: (1) The path the ball takes; one game of bowling. (2) Dated synonym for a game of bowling. MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Wing: One of the two forwards who flank the center and, with the center, make up a line. Also known as a winger or wingman. See also left wing; right wing. MORE