Technology / Email / From: Whatever appears in the email recipient's inbox as your visible 'from' name. Chosen by the sender. May be a personal name, a brand name, an email address, a blank space, or alpha-numeric gobbledegook. Note - this is not the actual 'from' contained in the header (see below) and may be different than the email reply address. Easy to fake.

Estate (Tenancy) From Period To Period

Business / Real Estate / Estate (Tenancy) From Period To Period: An interest in leased property that continues from period to period--week to week, month to month or year to year. MORE

From The Tips

Entertainment / Golf / From The Tips: (also 'playing from the tips') playing each hole from its longest possible yardage (from the farthest back place you can stand on the farthest back teeing ground) so that you play the entire course at MORE

Swing From The Heels

Entertainment / Baseball / Swing From The Heels: Refers to a hitter who takes honest healthy full swings at pitches, often in an attempt to get an extra base hit. "Reggie Jackson is really swinging from the heels this evening.’ MORE