Technology / Email / Harvesting: Process that crawls the Internet to gather email addresses from Web sites and then uses them to create lists for spamming.

Email Harvesting

Technology / Email / Email Harvesting: An automated process in which a robot program searches Web pages or other Internet destinations for email addresses. The program collects the address into a database, which frequently gets resold to s MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Hidey: An odor taint that gives the coffee beans a tallowy and leather-like odor. Result of a breakdown of fats in the coffee beans, due to an excessive amount of heat applied in the drying process during ha MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Fermented: A taste fault in the coffee beans producing a highly displeasing sour sensation on the tongue. The result of enzyme activity in the green coffee beans changing the sugars to acids in the drying proces MORE

Black Beans

Life Style / Coffee / Black Beans: Dead coffee beans that have dropped from the trees before harvesting. Used as the basic unit for counting imperfections in grading coffee on the New York Coffee Exchange. Has a detrimental effect on c MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Aftertaste: The sensation of brewed coffee vapors, ranging from carbony to chocolaty to spicy to turpeny. Released from the residue remaining in the mouth after swallowing. Aged A taste taint that gives coffee be MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Earthy: An odor taint in the coffee beans that produces a dirt-like taste sensation. Results when fats in the coffee beans absorb organic materials from the ground in the drying process during harvesting. Als MORE