Incoming Mail Server (Post Office Server)

Technology / Email / Incoming Mail Server (Post Office Server): The server on which messages sent to your email address reside. MIT uses several incoming mail servers, rather than one, to better handle the load of the 27,000+ email accounts at MIT. Each incoming mail server on which email accounts are stored are named, where xx is a two-digit number, e.g., or Two email protocols are used on these servers, IMAP and POP.

Other Words for Incoming

Incoming Adjective Synonyms: arriving, entering
Incoming Noun Synonyms: new, entering

Other Words for Mail

Mail Adjective Synonyms: post, correspondence, letters

Other Words for Office

Office Noun Synonyms: workplace, offices, room, area
Office Adverb Synonyms: business, organization, department, firm, house, establishment, company, corporation

Office Of The Chief Economist (OCE)

Business / Agriculture / Office Of The Chief Economist (OCE): The Office of the Chief Economist advises the Secretary of Agriculture on the economic implications of policies and programs affecting the U.S. food and fiber system and rural areas. The Chief Economi MORE

Office Of Migrant Education (OME)

Business / Agriculture / Office Of Migrant Education (OME): An Office of the U.S. Department of Education that works to improve teaching and learning for migratory children. Programs and projects administered by OME are designed to enable children whose famili MORE

Office Of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP)

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Office Of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP): Division of the Employment Standards Administration in the Department of Labor responsible for enforcing three statutes for federal contractors and subcontractors: Executive Order No. 11246, the Rehab MORE