Mail Bomb

Technology / Email / Mail Bomb: An orchestrated attempt to shut down a mail server by sending more messages than it can handle in a short period of time. See DOS.

Other Words for Bomb

Bomb Noun Synonyms: bombshell, shell, explosive
Bomb Verb Synonyms: bombard, shell, batter, blow up

Other Words for Mail

Mail Adjective Synonyms: post, correspondence, letters


Technology / Email / Mailto: A code to make an email address in either a text or HTML email immediately clickable ( When the link is clicked, it usually opens the user's email client and inserts the e MORE

Mailing List

Technology / Email / Mailing List: A list of email addresses that receive mailings or discussion-group messages. MORE

Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)

Technology / Computers / Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME): A standard that allows for the attachment of files such as images, sounds and animations to electronic mail messages. This preset information is preloaded in to the Web server and the Internet browser MORE

Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME)

Technology / Email / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME): An encoding method designed for exchanging binary files over the Internet (particularly via email messages) in a standardized, platform-independent form using a coding scheme called base64. A MIME-enc MORE

Outgoing Mail Server

Technology / Email / Outgoing Mail Server: The server that routes email messages to incoming servers on the Internet. Outgoing mail servers are also referred to as SMTP servers. The outgoing mail server at MIT is named and sec MORE

Opt-In Email

Business / Internet Marketing / Opt-In Email: Email that is explicitly requested by the recipient. MORE