Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME)

Technology / Email / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME): An encoding method designed for exchanging binary files over the Internet (particularly via email messages) in a standardized, platform-independent form using a coding scheme called base64. A MIME-encoded message can contain several parts, each of which can be a different type of file: ASCII text, pictures, video, sound, or any other type of binary data.

Other Words for Extension

Extension Noun Synonyms: addendum, addition, annexe, wing, adjunct, ell, appendage, appendix, supplement
Extension Verb Synonyms: stretching, expansion, increase, enlargement, augmentation, development, amplification, broadening, widening, lengthening, spread, spreading

Other Words for Mail

Mail Adjective Synonyms: post, correspondence, letters

Mailing List

Technology / Email / Mailing List: A list of email addresses that receive mailings or discussion-group messages. MORE

Mail-Order Pharmacy Programs

Health / Health Insurance / Mail-Order Pharmacy Programs: Programs that offer drugs ordered and delivered through the mail to plan members at a reduced cost. MORE

Mail Loop

Technology / Email / Mail Loop: A communication error between two email servers, usually happening when a misconfigured email triggers an automated response from the recipient server. MORE