Technology / Email / Opt-In: A specific, pro-active, request by an individual email recipient to have their own email address placed on a specific mailing list. Many list renters and buyers now require list owners to provide proof of opt-in, including the actual email or IP address date and time the request was received.

Verified Opt-In

Technology / Email / Verified Opt-In: Formerly known as double opt-in. Requires secondary confirmation from an email address to confirm intended registration to receive email. MORE

Confirmed Opt-In

Technology / Email / Confirmed Opt-In: Inexact term that may refer to double-opt-in subscription processes or may refer to email addresses which do not hard bounce back a welcome message. Ask anyone using this term to define it more clearl MORE

Opt-In Email

Business / Internet Marketing / Opt-In Email: Email that is explicitly requested by the recipient. MORE

Double Opt-In

Technology / Email / Double Opt-In: A process that requires new list joiners to take an action (such as clicking on an emailed link to a personal confirmation page) in order to confirm that they do want to be on the list. Sometimes inte MORE

Privacy Policy

Technology / Email / Privacy Policy: A clear description of how your company uses the email addresses and other information it gathers via opt-in requests for newsletters, company information or third-party offers or other functions. If MORE