Technology / Email / Permission: The implicit approval given when a person actively requests to have their own email address added to a list.

Other Words for Permission

Permission Verb Synonyms: consent, assent, leave, acquiescence, sufferance, tolerance, laxity, leniency or lenience, leave, license, sanction, acceptance, authorization, approval, approbation, countenance, allowance, liberty, indulgence, sufferance, franchise, enfranchisement

Permission Marketing

Business / Internet Marketing / Permission Marketing: Marketing centered around getting customer's consent to receive information from a company. MORE

Tenancy At Will

Business / Real Estate / Tenancy At Will: A tenancy (or estate) in which a person holds or occupies real estate with the permission of the owner, for a term of unspecified or uncertain duration: i.e., there is no fixed term to the tenancy. MORE


Health / First Aid / Prescription: Prescription medications are not available without an order from the doctor. MORE


Business / Finance / Variance: Loan made at an interest rate that fluctuates depending on a base interest rate, such as the prime rate or LIBOR. MORE

Building Permit

Business / Real Estate / Building Permit: Written governmental permission for the construction, alteration or demolition of an improvement, showing compliance with building codes and zoning ordinances. MORE

Adverse Possession

Business / Real Estate / Adverse Possession: The acquiring of title to real property owned by someone else by means of open, notorious, hostile and continuous possession for a statutory period of time. The burden to prove title is on the possess MORE