Technology / Email / Preferences: Options a user can set to determine how they want to receive your messages, how they want to be addresses, to which email address message should go and which messages they want to receive from you. The more preferences a user can specify, the more likely you'll send relevant email.

Generalized System Of Preferences (GSP)

Business / Agriculture / Generalized System Of Preferences (GSP): First authorized by the Trade Act of 1974, GSP allows some 140 developing countries to ship more than 3,000 products to the United States duty-free. This helps developing countries to generate foreign MORE

Bid Adjustments

Business / Internet Marketing / Bid Adjustments: A percentage or a fixed monetary amount by which to increase a bid for cases where traffic appears to be consistent with your selected targeting preferences. This is an optional feature that you can u MORE


Science / Biology / Diversity: The different types of organisms that occur in a community. MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Cookie: A file on your computer that records information such as where you have been on the World Wide Web. The browser stores this information which allows a site to remember the browser in future transactio MORE

Intrinsic Value

Business / Real Estate / Intrinsic Value: An appraisal term referring to the value created by a persons personal preferences for a particular type of property. MORE


Science / Astrology / Profile: See 'Report.' MORE