Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)

Technology / Email / Pretty Good Privacy (PGP): Software used to encrypt and protect email as it moves from one computer to another and can be used to verify a sender's identity.

Other Words for Good

Good Adjective Synonyms: agreeable, satisfactory, commendable, acceptable, fair, adequate, admissible, tolerable, all right, passable, okay or OK

Other Words for Pretty

Pretty Adjective Synonyms: rather, quite, fairly, moderately, reasonably, tolerably, somewhat, very, extremely, unbelievably, incredibly
Pretty Noun Synonyms: comely, attractive, good-looking, nice-looking, appealing, lovely, cute, mignon(ne), graceful, fair, bonny, fetching, charming, winsome, beautiful, pulchritudinous, easy on the eye(s)

Other Words for Privacy

Privacy Adjective Synonyms: seclusion, retirement, solitude, isolation, retreat, sequestration, reclusiveness, reclusion, solitariness, monasticism

Good Will

Business / Taxes / Good Will: When the term good will is used in connection with evaluating a company, it covers the intangible value of its reputation, its satisfied clients, and its productive work force. Those factors are all c MORE

Good-Faith Estimate

Business / Real Estate / Good-Faith Estimate: A preliminary accounting of expected closing costs. The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) requires the lender to promptly give loan applicants a good-faith estimate of closing costs. MORE

Good-This-Month Order (GTM)

Business / Finance / Good-This-Month Order (GTM): An order to buy or sell stock that is good until you execute or cancel it. Brokerages usually set a limit of 30-60 days, at which the G.T.C. order expires if not restated. (Different from a day order. MORE

Goodbye Message

Technology / Email / Goodbye Message: An email message sent automatically to a list member who unsubscribes, acknowledging the request. Always include an option to resubscribe in case the unsubscribe was requested accidentally. MORE

Good Try

Entertainment / Bowling / Good Try: Good shot on the key pin or the target wood. MORE

Good Til Cancelled Order (GTC)

Business / Finance / Good Til Cancelled Order (GTC): Used in the context of general equities. Market or limited price order that remains viable for a stated period of time unless cancelled, executed, or changed, after which such order or the portion the MORE