Read Email

Technology / Email / Read Email: Not measurable. Only opens and clicks are measurable in any way. You can never know if a recipient simply read your message.

Other Words for Read

Read Adjective Synonyms: understand, know, be familiar with, comprehend, interpret, decipher
Read Noun Synonyms: peruse, scan, skim, review, study, look over, pore over

Email Client

Technology / Email / Email Client: The software recipients use to read email, such as Outlook Express or Lotus Notes. MORE

Ready Mixed Concrete

Business / Construction / Ready Mixed Concrete: Concrete mixed at a plant or in trucks en route to a job and delivered ready for placement. MORE

Ready, Willing And Able Buyer

Business / Real Estate / Ready, Willing And Able Buyer: One who is prepared to buy property on the sellers terms and is ready to take positive steps to consummate the transaction. MORE

Reflected Light Reading

Entertainment / Photography / Reflected Light Reading: Measurement by a light meter of the amount of reflected light being bounced of the subject. The light meter is pointed towards the subject. MORE

Ready Golf

Entertainment / Golf / Ready Golf: A very effective informal method of play in which the right to play based on 'honor' or 'away' is forsaken and whoever is 'ready to play' plays next, in the interest of speeding up play MORE

Reading The Tape

Business / Finance / Reading The Tape: Judging the performance of stocks by monitoring changes in price as they are displayed on the ticker tape. MORE