Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

Technology / Email / Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP): SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a standard set of rules that define an email message format, and the message transfer agent (MTA), which stores and forwards email. SMTP was originally designed for only ASCII text, but MIME and other encoding methods have been added which allow other types of files, such as graphic images, to be attached and sent with email messages. SMTP servers route email messages throughout the Internet to incoming mail servers, such as POP or IMAP, which provide message stores for incoming mail. SMTP servers are also referred to as outgoing mail servers.

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Mail Adjective Synonyms: post, correspondence, letters

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Protocol Noun Synonyms: rule(s) or code(s) or standard(s) of behavior or conduct, convention(s), custom(s), diplomacy, formality, formalities, form, etiquette, politesse, manners, practice,age, authority

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Simple Verb Synonyms: uncomplicated, plain, uninvolved, unsophisticated, understandable, intelligible, (easily) understood, comprehensible, clear, lucid, straightforward, easy, elementary, basic
Simple Adjective Synonyms: unsophisticated, naive, slow, slow-witted, stupid, thick, thickheaded, simple-minded, feeble-minded, oafish, bovine, dense, obtuse, dull, dull-witted, witless, halfwitted, brainless, backward, imbecilic or imbecile, cretinous, dumb, mo

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Transfer Verb Synonyms: move, transport, convey, remove, carry, take, deliver, bring, transmit, cart, haul, shift, hand (on or over), turn over, give, pass (on or along or over)

Simple Linear Trend Model

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Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

Technology / Computers / Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP): When you're exchanging electronic mail on the Internet, SMTP is what keeps the process orderly. It's a protocol that regulates what goes on between the mail servers. MORE

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