Soft Bounce

Technology / Email / Soft Bounce: Email sent to an active (live) email address but which is turned away before being delivered. Often, the problem is temporary -- the server is down or the recipient's mailbox is over quota. The email might be held at the recipient's server and delivered later, or the sender's email program may attempt to deliver it again. Soft-bounce reports are not always accurate because they don't report all soft bounces or the actual reason for the bounce.

Other Words for Bounce

Bounce Verb Synonyms: bound, rebound, hop, recoil, ricochet
Bounce Noun Synonyms: bound, leap, hop, recoil, ricochet, rebound

Other Words for Soft

Soft Noun Synonyms: yielding, cushiony, plushy, spongy, squeezable, compressible, squashy, squashable, flexible, plastic, pliable, pliant, supple, flexile, flexuous, unstarched
Soft Adjective Synonyms: easygoing, tolerant, kind, compassionate, gentle, merciful, lenient, indulgent, permissive, liberal, lax, easy, docile, tame, submissive, deferential, benign, tender-hearted, sympathetic, kind-hearted, kind

Bounce Rate

Technology / Email / Bounce Rate: Number of hard/soft bounces divided by the number of emails sent. This is an inexact number because some systems do not report back to the sender clearly or accurately. MORE

Soft Rock

Entertainment / Music / Soft Rock: Lyrical, gentle rock style that evolved around 1960 in response to hard-driving rock and roll. MORE

Soft Skills

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Soft Skills: Skills required to perform a certain job where the job is defined in terms of expected outcomes, but the process to achieve the outcome varies. MORE