Spam Filter

Technology / Email / Spam Filter: Systems that watch for spam and block it before it can hit the inbox. Spam filters can be complaint or content based.

Other Words for Filter

Filter Adjective Synonyms: sieve, colander, riddle, screen, strainer, gauze, cloth, cheesecloth, membrane
Filter Noun Synonyms: leach, percolate, drip, seep, dribble, trickle, drain, run or pass through, ooze

Panchromatic Vision Filter

Entertainment / Photography / Panchromatic Vision Filter: Filter through which the subject can be viewed approximately as it would appear in monochrome as recorded by a panchromatic emulsion. MORE

Oil Filter

Technology / Motorcycle / Oil Filter: An Oil Filter filters the oil in the engine. Changing the oil and oil filter is one task that many riders do for themselves. Consult your owner's manual for recommended intervals and oil weights to us MORE

Polarizing Filter

Entertainment / Photography / Polarizing Filter: Colorless gray filter made from stressed glass. Polarizing filters are used over light sources or camera lenses to reduce or remove specular reflection from certain types of surfaces. MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Portafilter: In espresso brewing , a metal object with plastic handle that holds the coffee filter, and clamps onto the group. MORE

Sky Filter

Entertainment / Photography / Sky Filter: Outdated term for a filter which has a graduated density across its surface. MORE

Search Engine Spam

Business / Internet Marketing / Search Engine Spam: Excessive manipulation to influence search engine rankings, often for pages which contain little or no relevant content. MORE