Technology / Email / Subscribe: The process of joining a mailing list, either through an email command, by filling out a Web form, or offline by filling out a form or requesting to be added verbally. (If you accept verbal subscriptions, you should safeguard yourself by recording it and storing recordings along with time and date, in a retrievable format.)

Other Words for Subscribe

Subscribe Adjective Synonyms: contribute (to), support, give (to), donate (to), pledge, promise, sign (up) (for), chip in (to or for)
Subscribe Verb Synonyms: endorse, support, underwrite, advocate, back (up), approve (of), agree (with or to), accept, consent (to), assent (to), countenance, tolerate, condone, allow, permit, brook

Selective Unsubscribe

Technology / Email / Selective Unsubscribe: An unsubscribe mechanism that allows a consumer to selectively determine which email newsletters they wish to continue receiving while stopping the sending of others. MORE

International Mobile Subscriber Identifier (IMSI)

Technology / Cell Phones / International Mobile Subscriber Identifier (IMSI): A unique 15-digit number which designates the subscriber. This number is used for provisioning in network elements. MORE


Business / Taxes / Oversubscribed: An initial public offering (IPO) is oversubscribed when investor demand for the shares is greater than the number of shares being issued. What typically happens is that the share price climbs, sometim MORE