Technology / Email / Worm: A piece of malicious code delivered via an executable attachment in email or over a computer network and which spreads to other computers by automatically sending itself to every email address on a recipient's contact list or address book. See virus.


Entertainment / Golf / Wormburner: (also 'worm burner') a shot with such a low trajectory that it appears to, or actually does, skim the ground - not necessarily ineffective but almost certainly unintentional MORE

Worm and Pinion Gear

Technology / Motorcycle / Worm and Pinion Gear: System for turning rotational movement through 90°, in which a pinion is turned by a spirally cut gear. MORE

Arrow Worms

Science / Marine Biology / Arrow Worms: Members of the phylum Chaetognatha, a group of planktonic carnivores MORE

Worm Burner

Entertainment / Baseball / Worm Burner: Batted ball that moves across the ground hard and fast. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Spoonerism: The comic (and usually unintentional) transposition of two initial consonants or other sounds. For example, saying 'the queer old dean' when one means to say, 'the dear old queen,' or speaking of 'bee MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Hob: A cylindrical cutting tool shaped like a worm thread and used in industry to cut gears. MORE