Acoustic Coupling

Technology / Home Audio / Acoustic Coupling: The interaction between two or more speakers stacked together in an audio system which may produce a sound different from (and often better than) the sound produced by the individual speakers.


Business / Agriculture / Decoupling: The concept of separating federal farm payments from the requirement that farmers produce specified program crops and/or divert land from production. A chief goal of decoupling is to remove a seemingl MORE


Technology / Motors / Couplings: The mechanical connector joining the motor shaft to the equipment to be driven. MORE

Dye Coupling

Entertainment / Photography / Dye Coupling: Process creating a colored image from the reaction between by-products of color development and couplers. MORE

Inductive Coupling

Technology / Home Audio / Inductive Coupling: Radiated noise that is transmitted through a magnetic field to surrounding lines. This frequently occurs in long runs owire where power and signal cables are in too close proximity. This is a frequent MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Psychoacoustics: The scientific study of the relationship between human hearing and its stimulus; in other words, how we hear. MORE

Magnetic Coupling

Science / Geology / Magnetic Coupling: The transfer of momentum between celestial bodies, especially dust and gas clouds, through magnetic forces. MORE