Acoustic Suspension

Technology / Home Audio / Acoustic Suspension: A type of speaker enclosure that uses a sealed box to provide tight, accurate bass response. It gives up some efficiency to provide bass that is more accurate and controlled, so compared to a bass reflex design, it may require more amplifier power to play at the same volume level. See also bass reflex.

Other Words for Suspension

Suspension Verb Synonyms: debarring, disbarment, exclusion, elimination, rejection, expulsion, ejection, eviction, deprivation, denial


Business / Agriculture / Suspension: A process under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act by which the Environmental Protection Agency can suspend the use of a pesticide in order to prevent an imminent hazard resulting MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Psychoacoustics: The scientific study of the relationship between human hearing and its stimulus; in other words, how we hear. MORE

Academic Suspension

Life Style / College / Academic Suspension: If a student on academic probation fails to earn the minimum semester GPA for the credit hours earned at the next semester enrollment, she/he will be suspended from the college and will not be allowed MORE