Acoustic Suspension (Enclosure)

Technology / Home Audio / Acoustic Suspension (Enclosure): A Sealed box system that uses the resistance of the internal air of a sealed enclosure to control the motion of the cone. Sometimes known as an infinite baffle type.

Other Words for Suspension

Suspension Verb Synonyms: debarring, disbarment, exclusion, elimination, rejection, expulsion, ejection, eviction, deprivation, denial

Suspension Feeder

Science / Marine Biology / Suspension Feeder: An organism that feeds by capturing particles suspended in the water column MORE


Business / Agriculture / Suspension: A process under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act by which the Environmental Protection Agency can suspend the use of a pesticide in order to prevent an imminent hazard resulting MORE

Sealed (Enclosure)

Technology / Home Audio / Sealed (Enclosure): Sometimes known as an Acoustic suspension type, the sealed enclosure is a simple design in which each woofer is mounted in a sealed, airtight box or compartment with a specific internal volume for pre MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Psychoacoustics: The scientific study of the relationship between human hearing and its stimulus; in other words, how we hear. MORE

Suspension Ligament

Health / Dentistry / Suspension Ligament: The ligament arising from a bone surface which surrounds and supports an endosseous or subperiosteal implant. MORE

Tentacle-Tube-Foot Suspension Feeder

Science / Marine Biology / Tentacle-Tube-Foot Suspension Feeder: Suspension feeder that traps particles on distinct tentacles or tube feet (in echinoderms) MORE