Technology / Home Audio / Active: A word prefacing certain circuits in which the processing is performed by use of transistor or tube juctions, rather than passive componenets such as resistors, capacitors, and coils. Such items as crossovers and equalizers may be constructed either way. Active processing usually affords more more options, and greater precision, albeit at greater cost.

Other Words for Active

Active Adjective Synonyms: strenuous, vigorous, full, dynamic, physical, energetic, lively, busy, brisk, bustling, occupied, on the move, on the go, running

Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS)

Entertainment / Video Games / Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS): Professional membership organization serving the interactive entertainment development community, the Academy works to advance interactive entertainment through events that focus on the artistic aspec MORE

Actively Managed Fund

Business / Taxes / Actively Managed Fund: Managers of actively managed mutual funds buy and sell investments to achieve a particular goal, such as providing a certain level of return or beating a relevant benchmark. As a result, they generall MORE

Active Ingredient

Business / Agriculture / Active Ingredient: In any pesticide product, the component that kills, or otherwise controls, target pests. Pesticides are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency primarily on the basis of active ingredients. MORE