Adaptive Reception

Technology / Home Audio / Adaptive Reception: A circuit that provides adjustable delay such that the time at which a sound wave is produced from various signal channels can be changed. This allows synchronization for each channel of a multi-channel output device, so that sound waves from multiple speakers will converge at approximately the same time at a single point in space (the listener).

Other Words for Reception

Reception Adjective Synonyms: party, levee, social, soir‚e, function, opening, preview, vernissage, do
Reception Verb Synonyms: welcome, greeting, treatment, reaction, response


Science / Astrology / Reception: Shortened form of mutual reception. See mutual reception. MORE

Mutual Reception

Science / Astrology / Mutual Reception: Two planets placed in each other's sign of essential dignity are in mutual reception, 'en rapport'. Mutual reception provides a harmonious link between planets not in aspect and strengthens the aspect MORE

Adaptive Trasformation Acoustic Coding (ATRAC)

Technology / Home Audio / Adaptive Trasformation Acoustic Coding (ATRAC): The process used in minidisc that utilizes psychoacoustic principles to limit quantization noise and reduce the data quantity from 16 bits to 4 bits by using non-uniform frequency and time division. MORE