Technology / Home Audio / Amplifier: A device, either a single stage or a large scale circuit with mutiple stages for creating gain, ie. Making small signals larger.

Vca (Voltage Controlled Amplifier)

Technology / Home Audio / Vca (Voltage Controlled Amplifier): An amplifier whose output is controlled by varying its voltage rather than by direct resistance (as with a potentiometer). MORE

Digital Amplifiers

Technology / Home Audio / Digital Amplifiers: See article on 'amplifier classes' MORE

Ripple (Amplifier)

Technology / Home Audio / Ripple (Amplifier): A train of pulses that occurs when AC is changed to DC via a rectifier. These pulses are left on the DC if not filtered and regulated properly, or if toomuch current is being drawn. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Line-Level: Standard +4 dbu or -10 dbv audio levels. Used in communicating standard signals between processing devices, such as : receiver to equalizer, or equalizer to amplifier. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Distortion: Any departure from a true and accurate reproduction of the original waveform. It can include Noise, Clipping Distortion, Harmonic, and Intermodulation Distortion. These last two forms are fairly commo MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Connectors: There are several different ways to connect the cables from your receiver or amplifier to your speakers. Bare wire connections are acceptable, especially with 'spring clip' terminals. However, there a MORE