Anechoic Chamber

Technology / Home Audio / Anechoic Chamber: A special room that is constructed without acoustically reflective surfaces, such that it is without echoes, or an-echo-ic. This experimental setup enables engineers to more precisely measure the acoustical properties of many types of equipment. A real life anechoic situation is experienced by skydivers. However, they may be a bit distracted from the experience by the approaching ground.

Other Words for Chamber

Chamber Noun Synonyms: assembly, body, legislature, judicature, house, congress, judiciary, senate, diet, consortium

Chamber Pressure

Technology / Rockets / Chamber Pressure: The pressure generated within a motor by the combustion of the rocket propellant(s). MORE

Combustion Chamber

Business / Construction / Combustion Chamber: The part of a boiler, furnace or woodstove where the burn occurs: normally lined with firebrick or molded or sprayed insulation. MORE

Magma Chamber

Science / Geology / Magma Chamber: A full or emptied magma reservoir in the shallow portion of the lithosphere. MORE