Technology / Home Audio / Attenuate: The act of reducing the Amplitude or intensity of a signal. In speaker systems, high frequency drivers are commonly more efficient than low frequency drivers. This creates a need to adjust the driver levels to create a uniform overall frequency response. L-pads are commonly used for many passive systems


Health / Disease / Attenuated: Reducing the virulence of an organism, usually a virus, whilst keeping it viable. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Pad: An electrical circuit used to attenuate or reduce the amplitude of an audio signal by a fixed amount, e.g a -15db pad reduces the signal by a fixed 15 decibels. MORE

Signal Anxiety

Science / Psychiatry / Signal Anxiety: An ego mechanism that results in activation of defensive operations to protect the ego from being overwhelmed by an excess of excitement. The anxiety reaction that was originally experienced in a trau MORE