Technology / Home Audio / Audio: 1. Of, or relating to, humanly audible sound, i.e., audio is all the sounds that humans hear. 2. A. Relating to the broadcasting or reception of sound. B. Relating to high-fidelity sound reproduction.


Technology / Home Audio / Audiophile: A species of dedicated audio nut who actually reads definitions like this. MORE

Compression (Audio)

Technology / Home Audio / Compression (Audio): The process of reducing the dynamic range of a given analog audio program by making the loud parts quieter and the quiet parts louder. MORE

Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD)

Technology / Home Audio / Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD): SACD is one of two main emerging new standards for high-resolution audio on compact discs. The other is DVD-Audio. It was developed by Sony and is based on a licensed technology called Direct Stream D MORE

Digital Audio Broadcasting

Technology / Television (TV) / Digital Audio Broadcasting: A broadcast standard which describes the method of transmitting digital audio. MORE

Audio-Video Jacks

Technology / Television (TV) / Audio-Video Jacks: Standard definition Satellite TV system receivers would normally include three jacks: one for the video - composite or S-Video, and two for the sound - one for the right channel and one for the left. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Audiovisual: Materials such as filmstrips, motion pictures and overhead transparencies which use audio backup for visual material. MORE