Technology / Home Audio / Baffle: A flat panel that divides the front and rear sound waves produced by a woofer. Sometimes baffle is used to mean an enclosure or the front panel on which the speaker is mounted.

Infinite Baffle

Technology / Home Audio / Infinite Baffle: An infinite baffle speaker design is defined as an enclosure that contains a greater volume of air than the Vas requirement of the driver. An infinite baffle system can easily be applied to an automob MORE

Flush (Mounting)

Technology / Home Audio / Flush (Mounting): Mounting a speaker in such a way that the speaker and its Grill do not protrude above the surrounding surface. Usually, this means mounting it at the back of the baffle board (the board the speaker is MORE

Free-Air Configuration

Technology / Home Audio / Free-Air Configuration: This description usually indicates a speaker that, in the opinion of the manufacturer, is suitable for mounting in only a minimal enclosure, such as a baffle board that separates the back wave from th MORE

Acoustic Suspension (Enclosure)

Technology / Home Audio / Acoustic Suspension (Enclosure): A Sealed box system that uses the resistance of the internal air of a sealed enclosure to control the motion of the cone. Sometimes known as an infinite baffle type. MORE