Banana Jacks

Technology / Home Audio / Banana Jacks: A set of connectors in which 4 spring contacts are wrapped vertically around a central pin like a banana peel. When inserted into the receptacle jack it maintains a strong and consistent contact. This type of connector is highly regarded as an excellent and reliable interconnector for cables between amplifiers and speakers.


Technology / Motors / Jackscrew: A device used for leveling the positioning of a motor. These devices are adjustable screws fitting on the base or motor frame. Also a device for removing endshields from a motor assembly. MORE

Plumbing Jacks

Business / Construction / Plumbing Jacks: Sleeves that fit around drain and waste vent pipes at, and are nailed to, the roof sheeting. MORE

Double-Banana Plugs

Technology / Home Audio / Double-Banana Plugs: Are the same as banana plugs, except the positive and negative banana connectors are both fixed in a molded housing that spaces them 3/4' apart. (These are even quicker and easier to connect than regu MORE