Technology / Home Audio / Bass: The portion of the audible sound spectrum that contains the lowest frequencies. These frequencies have the longest wavelength and require considerably greater electrical power to render them at their original strength. In a good modern speaker system, the bass portion of the response curve extends from as high as 500 hertz, down to 20 Hz.

Figured Bass

Entertainment / Music / Figured Bass: Baroque practice consisting of an independent bass line that often includes numerals indicating the harmony to be supplied by the performer. Also thorough-bass. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Bassoon: The bassoon is a double-reed instrument made of wood. Its relative, the contrabassoon, heard here, is the lowest pitched and weightiest sounding woodwind instrument MORE

Double Bass

Entertainment / Music / Double Bass: Largest and lowest-pitched member of the bowed string family. Also called contrabass or bass viol MORE