Bass Boost

Technology / Home Audio / Bass Boost: An active low pass amplifier section added to some receivers, equalizers, and amplifiers that allows as much as an 18 decibel boost to be applied to an audio signal in the low frequency 35 to 90 Hertz range.

Other Words for Boost

Boost Noun Synonyms: lift, shove or push up or upward(s), leg up, rise, raise
Boost Verb Synonyms: lift, shove or push up or upward(s), raise

Double Bass

Entertainment / Music / Double Bass: Largest and lowest-pitched member of the bowed string family. Also called contrabass or bass viol MORE


Entertainment / Music / Contrabassoon: Double-reed woodwind instrument with the lowest range in the woodwind family. Also double bassoon. MORE

Figured Bass

Entertainment / Music / Figured Bass: Baroque practice consisting of an independent bass line that often includes numerals indicating the harmony to be supplied by the performer. Also thorough-bass. MORE

Ground Bass

Entertainment / Music / Ground Bass: A repeating melody, usually in the bass, throughout a vocal or instrumental composition. MORE

Solid Rocket Booster (SBR)

Technology / Rockets / Solid Rocket Booster (SBR): Solid Rocket Boosters are boosters which are strapped onto the side of a rocket to assist in liftoff which then fall away from the rocket once the solid propellant has burned out. Examples of NASA roc MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Midbass: Those frequencies roughly between 100 and 300 Hertz. (CPS) MORE