Bass Reflex

Technology / Home Audio / Bass Reflex: A type of speaker enclosure that includes a 'tuned' port or passive radiator to increase and extend bass response (by releasing some of the energy created by the inward movement of the woofer cone). Bass reflex designs are more power-efficient than acoustic suspension designs — they'll play louder than an acoustic suspension speaker when driven with the same amplifier power. But they may sacrifice some bass accuracy in exchange for the added bass output.

Reflex Volley

Entertainment / Tennis / Reflex Volley: A volley in which the player has no time to plan the shot, and instead reacts instinctively to get the racket in position to return the ball. This occurs frequently in doubles and in advanced singles. MORE

Reflexive Construction

Entertainment / Literature / Reflexive Construction: A verb combined with a reflexive pronoun functioning as the direct object. For instance, in Spanish, Yo me llavo (I wash myself'). In English, this often creates a redundant phrase, such as 'I repent MORE

Reflex Lens

Entertainment / Photography / Reflex Lens: Alternative term for mirror lens. MORE