Technology / Home Audio / Bbe: A signal processing circuit that provides improvements in imaging and spatial realism by altering the frequency and phase characteristics of portions of the input signal. 1 & 2 Processing


Science / Biology / Gibberellins: A group of hormones that stimulate cell division and elongation in plants. Gibberellic acid (GA), the first of this class to be discovered, causes bolting (extreme elongation) of stems. GA is also app MORE

Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act Of 1983 (CBERA)

Business / Agriculture / Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act Of 1983 (CBERA): P.L. 98-67 (August 5, 1983), Title II, authorized unilateral preferential trade and tax benefits for eligible Caribbean countries, including duty-free treatment of eligible products. This law is commo MORE

Abbe Number

Entertainment / Photography / Abbe Number: Denotes the degree of refraction of light of different wavelengths to different extents, given by a transparent material, such as glass. The lower the abbe number, the greater the dispersion of colors MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Rubbery: A taste fault giving the coffee beans a highly pronounced burnt-rubber character. Result of continued enzyme activity in the coffee bean when it remains in the fruit and the fruit is allowed to dry on MORE

Dead Rubber

Entertainment / Tennis / Dead Rubber: Refers to a davis cup match which is played after the victor of the tie has already been decided. Dead rubbers may or may not be played depending on the coaches agreement to do so and are usually best MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Rubber: A the pitching plate on the mound. The pitcher must have one foot connected to the plate while pitching to the batter. The rubber is located 60’ 6’ (19.5 meters) from home plate. MORE