Technology / Home Audio / Bel: Abbr. B, B Ten decibels. ( In honor of Alexander Graham Bell.) The Bel was originally a unit measure of the amount a signal dropped in level over a one-mile distance of telephone wire. See: decibel

Barbell Strategy

Business / Finance / Barbell Strategy: A fixed income strategy in which the maturities of the securities included in the portfolio are concentrated at two extremes. MORE

Weight Training Belt

Health / Fitness / Weight Training Belt: Thick leather belt used to support lower back. Used while doing squats, military presses, dead lifts, bent rowing, etc. MORE

Pork Bellies

Business / Agriculture / Pork Bellies: One of the major cuts of the hog carcass that, when cured, becomes bacon. Futures contracts for pork bellies are traded in the futures market. MORE

Willing Suspension Of Disbelief

Entertainment / Literature / Willing Suspension Of Disbelief: Temporarily and willingly setting aside our beliefs about reality in order to enjoy the make-believe of a play, a poem, film, or a story. Perfectly intelligent readers can enjoy tall-tales about Pecos MORE

Ondarrabi Beltza

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Ondarrabi Beltza: Variety grown in the Chacoli de Guetaria (ie. Basque 'Getariako Txakolina') D.O located in the Basque northeast section of Spain, between the town of San Sebasti?n and the french border. According to MORE

Hip Belt

Health / Pilates / Hip Belt: An imaginary belt slung low across your hips, from one pelvic bone to the other. Visualizing tightening this belt will draw the hipbones closer together as you exhale to engage your transverse abdomin MORE