Blank Skip

Technology / Home Audio / Blank Skip: A cassette feature that automatically detects blank areas of the tape over a set number of seconds in length and activates Fast Forward, until either the end of the tape, or audio information is reached.

Other Words for Blank

Blank Adjective Synonyms: empty, plain, bare
Blank Noun Synonyms: space, line, box

Other Words for Skip

Skip Verb Synonyms: leap, cavort, caper, gambol, frisk, prance, jump, hop, romp, bound, dance
Skip Adjective Synonyms: omit, leave out, pass by, overlook, pass over, avoid, ignore, disregard, steer clear of, cut

Sidelobe Blanking (SLB)

Technology / Radar / Sidelobe Blanking (SLB): Antennas with poor sidelobe performance can be improved by using sidelobe blanking techniques. MORE

Generation-Skipping Transfer Or Trust

Business / Finance / Generation-Skipping Transfer Or Trust: The overall conventions, rules, and procedures that define accepted accounting practice at a particular time in the U.S. MORE


Business / Construction / Blankets: Fiber-glass or rock-wool insulation that comes in long rolls 15 or 23 inches wide. MORE

Skip Or Skipper

Entertainment / Baseball / Skip Or Skipper: Refers to a team’s manager. MORE

Skip-Day Settlement

Business / Finance / Skip-Day Settlement: Negative skewness means there is a substantial probability of a big negative return. Positive skewness means that there is a greater-than-normal probability of a big positive return. MORE

Volcanic Ejecta Blanket

Science / Geology / Volcanic Ejecta Blanket: A collective term for all the pyroclastic rocks deposited around a volcano, especially by a volcanic explosion. MORE