Technology / Home Audio / Box: Another, and common name for a standard speaker enclosure. There are many variations in type, which are basically compromises between size, power handling, cost, frequency response, and many other considerations.

Other Words for Box

Box Verb Synonyms: crate, encase, package
Box Noun Synonyms: case, receptacle, crate, carton, container, casket, coffer, caddy, chest

Selling Short Against The Box

Business / Finance / Selling Short Against The Box: Selling short stock that is actually owned by the seller but held in the box, meaning it is held in safekeeping. The seller borrows securities needed to cover as the stock in the box may be inaccessib MORE

Mirror Box

Entertainment / Photography / Mirror Box: Is a box containing one or more mirrors, usually angled to the light beam, as in the main body of an slr camera. MORE

Box Camera

Entertainment / Photography / Box Camera: Simplest type of camera manufactured, and first introduced by george eastman in 1888. It consists of a simple, single element lens, a light tight box and a place for film in the back. MORE

Penalty Box

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Penalty Box: The penalty box (sometimes called the sin bin or bin) is the area where a player sits to serve the time of a given penalty, for an offense not severe enough to merit outright expulsion from the contes MORE

On The Box

Technology / Motorcycle / On The Box: A top-three finish that puts a rider on the victory podium. "I was happy just to get on the box today." MORE

Echo Box Performance Monitor

Technology / Radar / Echo Box Performance Monitor: An accessory which is used for tuning the radar receiver and checking overall performance by visual inspection. An artificial echo as received from the echo box will appear as a narrow plume from the MORE