Bridge Mounted (2 and 3-Way Speakers)

Technology / Home Audio / Bridge Mounted (2 and 3-Way Speakers): In combined 2 and 3-way speakers, which have woofers together with a Tweeter, or a Tweeter and a Midrange Driver, the smaller drivers are attached to the woofer by either one of two standard mountings. The bridge-mount method has a metal or plastic bridge running from one side of the woofer's outer perimeter to the other. The smaller driver or drivers, together with the Crossover network, is then mounted on the bridge. The advantage of this arrangement is that the woofer is left intact with no exposure of the voice coil or other internal elements. On the negative side, there is more covered surface area that marginally reduces the output at certain frequencies, and makes it a little more difficult to mount the unit. The post-mount method provides a post that is attached to the center of the inner magnetic pole, to which the other drivers are then mounted. It has a reduced obstruction to woofer dispersion, but it does require a hole in the Dust Cover/Cap that can give environmental access to the woofer's inner workings. This creates the possibility in some less well designed units of operational degradation from airborne particles over time.

Other Words for Bridge

Bridge Verb Synonyms: span, cross (over), go or pass over, traverse
Bridge Noun Synonyms: span

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