Technology / Home Audio / Btl: Bridged, Transformer Less. A circuit design wherein two small Integrated Circuit (IC) amplifier channels are bridged together to provide a single, larger output circuit. These circuits are limited by their current capabilities and the amount of heat they generate.


Health / Massage / Aikido: This noncompetitive Japanese martial art aims to harmonize energy with that of a partner or opponent in order to achieve both physical and emotional mastery through peaceful resolution. Aikido literal MORE


Health / Massage / Continuum: Founded by Emilie Conrad, continuum is a visionary inquiry into our capacity to innovate and participate with the essential, generative, and biological movement processes of life. Much of continuum ex MORE

Cold-Light Enlarger

Entertainment / Photography / Cold-Light Enlarger: Enlarger using cold cathode illumination. A diffusion type of enlarger. These types of enlarger heads scatter the light more evenly across the surface of the negative. One advantage of the cold light MORE

Soft Developer

Entertainment / Photography / Soft Developer: Paper developer that can be used alone or in combination with other developers (two-bath development) to achieve more subtle contrast control. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Steering: The illegal practice of channeling homeseekers interested in equivalent properties to particular areas, either to maintain the homogeneity of an area or to change the character of an area to create a MORE

Quantum Energetics

Health / Massage / Quantum Energetics: Quantum energetics is a subtle, gentle healing method that works with the energy body to allow disrupted energy patterns to regain their force. It is a holistic, noninvasive technique that follows a s MORE