Bumped and Vented

Technology / Home Audio / Bumped and Vented: See discussion of Bumped above. Many higher power speakers have a vent hole in the center Pole Piece of the magnet. When viewed from the back, there is usually a screen over the hole to prevent debris or particles from falling into the voice coil gap. But it does allow for greater ventilation of the motor section, and this in turn provides for higher power inputs by permitting greater heat dissipation for the voice coil assembly.

Profit And Loss Statement

Business / Real Estate / Profit And Loss Statement: A detailed statement of income and expenses of a business that reveals the operating position of the business over a period of time. Commonly referred to a P&L. MORE

Profit And Loss Account

Business / Accounting / Profit And Loss Account: An account made up of revenue and expense accounts which shows the current profit or loss of a business (ie. whether a business has earned more than it has spent in the current year). Often referred t MORE

Profit and Loss Statement (P and L)

Business / Finance / Profit and Loss Statement (P and L): Another term for the income statement. MORE