Center Channel

Technology / Home Audio / Center Channel: In home theater, a signal sent to a speaker mounted in front of the listener, specially designed to enhance voices and sound effects associated with center stage action from a movie soundtrack. Sometimes used in car audio to help offset skewed stereo imaging due to seating positions in the automotive environment.

Other Words for Channel

Channel Verb Synonyms: direct, convey, pass, guide, lead, conduct
Channel Noun Synonyms: watercourse, canal, waterway, ditch, aqueduct, sluice, trench, trough, gutter, moat, river-bed, stream-bed

Center Channel Speaker

Technology / Home Audio / Center Channel Speaker: The center channel speaker reproduces almost all of a movie's dialogue and much of the special effects. Since its purpose is to keep sound anchored to the on-screen action, a good center channel speak MORE

Half Center

Business / Machine Shop / Half Center: A dead center that has a portion of the 60 degree cone cut away. MORE

Field Service Center

Business / Agriculture / Field Service Center: A centralized location for a variety of USDA agency field offices. These have been reduced in number from about 3,700 to about 2,600 through closures and consolidations initiated as part of a USDA reo MORE