Technology / Home Audio / Compression: 1. An increase in density and pressure in a medium, such as air, caused intermittently by the passage of a sound wave. 2. The region in either air or material in which this occurs.

Compression Driver

Technology / Home Audio / Compression Driver: Compression drivers are usually dynamic; that is, with a magnet and interacting coil arrangement, and a small diaphragm as the main transducer. These are the motor parts, also known as the driver, of MORE

Non-Lossy Compression

Technology / Home Audio / Non-Lossy Compression: A form of data compression which seeks out chunks of data which are identical, replacing them with markers called keys. In this way, the file is reduced in size, and when it is decompressed by the rec MORE

Lossy Compression

Technology / Home Audio / Lossy Compression: A type of data compression which permanently discards data that humans supposedly 'cannot hear' to create much smaller audio, video and image file sizes. When the file is decompressed by the recipient MORE

Compression Wave

Technology / Home Audio / Compression Wave: A wave propagated by means of the compression of a fluid, such as a sound wave in air. To create sound, the opposite state of rarification alternates with the crest of every compression. MORE

Pulse Compression Radar

Technology / Radar / Pulse Compression Radar: Pulse-compression radars make use of specific signal processing techniques to provide most of the advantages of extremely narrow pulses widths whilst remaining within the peak power limitations of the MORE

Digital Compression

Technology / Television (TV) / Digital Compression: A process of translating video images into a digital code which takes up less transmission space than the original signal would have. This allows more channels per satellite transponder: typical compr MORE